My Second Art Exhibit at Kefa Cafe Gallery – 1/11/2019



January 11, 2019

Hello Friend,

Thanks for
stopping by.  This is my second art exhibit
of Art Inspired by African masks.

It was held
at the gallery of an eclectic coffee shop in Silver Spring, Maryland.   Although
it was a cold 30-degree night, it was warm and cozy inside as we were
surrounded by great friends, colorful art, good conversation and lots of joking

I was
showcasing canvas-wrapped prints of my originals that were shown at my first
art exhibit in Washington, DC on 9/7/2018.

I am working
on a second series of art inspired by African masks which I will be adding to
my website gallery soon.  So, stay tuned and
until we meet again,

Walk good my


My First Art Exhibit at Anthony Bowen Y Gallery, Opening Night, 9/7/2018

Hello Friend,

Thanks for stopping by.   This is my first blog and I wanted to share with you some pictures of the opening of my first art exhibit which took place on 9/7/2018 at the Gallery of the Anthony Bowen Y in Washington, DC.  At this event, I partnered with a friend, Donovan Marks, who is an accomplished photographer.

The event was very successful and although the evening started with torrential rain we had over 130 guests.  Jheanelle Wilkins, my State Delegate (Maryland, District 20), was the guest speaker, my nephew, Shomari Stone, a reporter with NBC4 was the MC , and another nephew was the photographer.  My niece-in-law, Danielle, Shomari’s daughter, Carrie and my good friend Rachael were in charge of sales.   Many of my friends and several of my neighbors also attended.

Donovan showcased black and white photos of Maroons in their Accompong settlement.  Maroons were runaway slaves who fought the British then ran into the dense hills of the interior of Jamaica where they formed their own community.  They have their own customs, laws, language, culture and are still thriving to this day.  Maroons can be found in the South, other Caribbean islands, and Central America.  Sadly their existence and history is not widely known.

Although the event was to last two hours, we were having so much fun that the Y allowed us an extra ninety minutes. After Donovan put on some Caribbean music the dancing started.  We think this is the first art exhibit with spontaneous dancing.

The exhibit will last until December 7, 2018.  Gallery hours are: Weekdays- 8 am to 10 pm, Weekends – 8 am to 6 pm.  The Anthony Bowen Gallery at the Y is located at 1325 W Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009. The nearest subway is Shaw.

Thanks to all who attended the opening and and for your support.  I hope that you enjoy these photos.

Walk Good My Friend,